A Cloud Based Clinical Laboratory Information System for All Your Lab Needs

Labformatics is an end to end LIS that puts you in complete control of your lab. It’s robust design maximizes productivity, delivers fast accurate results, integrates billing, and ensures compliance. It’s the laboratory information system designed for today’s demanding, high-throughput lab environments.

Labformatics is scalable and agile enough for physician office laboratories to large independent reference or hospital labs with multiple locations.


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Our values

Build Lab Capabilities

Our products

Labformatics gives you access to a huge range of integrated tools and features

Enhance Lab Efficiency

Labformatics is built by lab management experts who understand the challenges of the modern lab.
  • Track and monitor samples and test results, wherever they are.
  • Easily pull up sample and testing history for any item.
  • Pricing, billing, and insurance integration to avoid cost leakage.
  • Audit history of all tests, results, and communications.
  • Quality control and hygiene measures for all equipment.
  • Compliance with HIPAA and CLIA.
  • Complete integration with downstream software.
  • Client and patient portals for easy, secure access to test results.
  • Analytics and reporting on individual cases or your lab as a whole.

Increase Lab Effectiveness

Labformatics lets you deliver a better service to healthcare providers and patients.
  • Better testing processes result in faster turnaround times and happier clients.
  • Enhanced data accuracy results in trustworthy, qualified, audited results.
  • Centralized information and tools results in more efficient and productive staff.
  • Powerful costing and billing information results in improved revenue and profits.

We aim to be

Leverage our expertise and experience in the laboratory utilizing a timely and efficient process. Labformatics is centered on best laboratory compliance and standardized processes, so you can focus on your laboratory’s growth.